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      What are the environmental protection equipment?

      Special equipment: all kinds of sewage pump and sludge pump, water pump, metering pump, screw pump, roots blower, air compressor, centrifugal blower, surface aerator, automatic water prototype, grille decontamination machine, blowing sand, mud scraper, scraping mud suction dredge, sludge concentration mud scraper, mixing equipment, biogas digester sludge boilers, heat exchangers, liquid mixer and sludge dewatering machine, etc. Electrical equipment: ac/dc motor, variable speed motor, start switch equipment, lighting equipment, lightning protection devices, variable distribution equipment (including cable, indoor wiring overhead lines, isolating switch, load switch, fuse, a small amount of oil switch, current transformer, voltage transformer, electric power capacitor, breaker, protector, automatic device and grounding device, etc.). General equipment: electric hoist, centrifuge, thermostat, oven, refrigerator, all kinds of manual and electric gate valves, butterfly valves, gate hoist and check valves, greening spray car, hand push and electric lawn mower, winch machine, lathe, planer, milling machine, bridge crane, transportation vehicles, etc.

      Instrument and meter equipment: all kinds of balance, laboratory commonly used analytical instruments, electromagnetic flowmeter, liquid level meter, air flowmeter and dissolved oxygen meter, etc. Each has its own function.

      Environmental protection equipment is usually divided into air pollution control and dust removal equipment according to its functions. Water pollution treatment equipment; Noise and vibration control equipment; Solid waste treatment equipment; Environmental monitoring and analysis equipment, etc. All kinds of equipment can be divided into several categories, such as air pollution control equipment can be divided into mechanical dust collector, cyclone dust collector, filter dust collector, wet dust collector and electric dust collector, and each category can also be divided into several categories. (the formation of according to equipment classification) 1 unit equipment such equipment is the main body of environmental protection equipment, such as all kinds of dust collector, monomer sewage treatment equipment, equipment for mechanical equipment, but also the concrete or other materials (such as glass fiber reinforced plastic) to build the structure of 2 complete sets of equipment refers to is given priority to with individual equipment, contain a variety of accessories (such as fan, motor, etc.) of the whole. 3 production lines, refers to the equipment by one or more monomers, various ancillary equipment and pipeline of whole, such as water treatment production line according to the features of the equipment categories: mechanical equipment, refers to all kinds of used for pollution and improving the quality of the environment made by the industrial sector of mechanical products, such as all kinds of filter, water treatment equipment, mechanical noise controller, vibration controller, mechanical solid waste treatment equipment and so on. At present, mechanical equipment is the environmental protection equipment with the most kinds and models, the most common application and the most convenient use. 2 refers to various instruments and equipment used in environmental monitoring and environmental engineering experiment instrument, such as a variety of analytical instruments (including optical analysis, chromatographic analysis, electrochemical analyzer, etc.), all kinds of samplers, various kinds of monitor 3 structures generally refers to the reinforced concrete structures, such as used in sewage treatment process of sedimentation tank, reaction tank, such as structures can also use glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel or other materials.