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      Action and innovation

      What are the sewage treatment facilities

      1. Centrifuge

      Centrifuge is mainly used to separate solid particles from liquid in suspension. Or separate the two liquids in the emulsion, which are of different densities and do not dissolve together (e.g., to separate the cream from the milk); It can also be used to remove liquids from wet solids, such as washing machines to shake dry and wet clothes; Special overspeed tube separator can also separate different density of gas mixture; Some settling centrifuges can also classify the solid particles according to the density or particle size according to the characteristics of different settling velocity of the solid particles in the liquid.

      2. Sludge dehydrator

      Sludge dehydrator is characterized by automatic control operation, continuous production, stepless speed regulation, for a variety of sludge

      Suitable for water supply and drainage, paper making, casting, leather, textile, chemical, food and other industries sludge dewatering.

      3. Aerator

      Impeller aerator is through the scattered gas, the "micro bubbles" direct injection of raw sewage, the coagulant and flocculant, under the joint action of suspension physical flocculation and chemical flocculation, forming a large suspension floccules, under the effect of bubble group of ascending "floccules" floating on the liquid surface scum formation, using slag scraper separation from water; No need to clean nozzle, no blocking phenomenon. The equipment integrity is good, easy to install, save operating costs and occupy the ground.

      4. Microfilter

      The microfilter is a rotating drum screen filter device. The treated waste water enters into the drum along the axis and flows out through the screen in radial radial. Impurities (fine suspended matter, fiber, pulp, etc.) in the water are trapped in the inner surface of the filter screen on the drum. When the impurities trapped on the screen are carried to the upper part by the drum, they are recoiled by the pressure flushing water and discharged into the slag discharge tank. During operation, the diameter of drum 2/5 is partially out of the water, and the revolution is 1-4r/min. The filtration rate of the filter screen can be 30-120m/h. The washing water pressure is 0.5-1.5kg/cm2, and the washing water amount is 0.5-1.0% of the water production. The microfilter has a small floor area, a large production capacity (250-36000m3/d), convenient operation and management, and has been successfully applied in water supply and wastewater treatment.

      5. Air float

      The air float machine is a kind of equipment for removing suspended matter, grease and various gels from various industrial and municipal sewage. The equipment is widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, brewing, slaughtering, electroplating, printing and dyeing and other industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment.

      According to the way of dissolved air, it can be divided into: inflatable air float machine, dissolved air float machine and electrolytic air float machine. The principle is to combine gas that is difficult to dissolve in water or more than two different liquids in a high efficiency (resulting in fine bubble particles 20-50 microns in size). The impurity particles attached to the water are carried by the air bubbles and float to the surface to separate from the water, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.