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            How to operate roots blower to start and stop step by step

            1. Check and start roots blower

            Before starting the Roots blower, the appearance of roots blower is required to check whether the structure and accessories of roots blower are complete and whether the circuit is normal. Before starting, the appearance of Roots blower should be guaranteed to be in good condition.

            2. Open the exhaust valve to start roots fan

            When starting, first open the exhaust valve, and then press the button to start roots fan. After roots blower stabilizes, close the exhaust valve.

            3. Start roots blower and check the instrument

            After roots blower is started, check the instruments and equipment of Roots blower to ensure that the instruments of Roots blower are working normally.

            4. Stop roots blower and open exhaust valve

            When roots blower is in normal operation, please open the exhaust valve first to avoid directly cutting off the power supply of Cairo blower.

            5. Stop roots blower and turn it off

            After opening the exhaust valve, the Roots fan runs slowly and stably, at which point the power can be stopped. After stopping, check the spare parts of roots blower to see if the belt is loose, loose and tight.


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