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            Action and innovation

            Centrifugal fan vibration is very large, what is the reason?


            First of all, the wind requirements of the process should be analyzed: is it constant flow supply wind (e.g. : 3000Nm3/h) or constant pressure supply wind (e.g. : P= 2500-2600Pa)? How strict is the process to these parameters? Once these parameters are destroyed, how serious are the consequences?

            Roots blower is a constant flow blower. The main parameter of its operation is air volume. The output pressure varies with the variation of pipe and load, and the air volume changes very little.

            Centrifugal fan belongs to constant pressure fan, the main working parameter is wind pressure, the output air quantity changes with the change of pipe and load, the wind pressure changes little.


            First of all, to see whether the storage goods are inflammable and explosive goods, such as: paint warehouse, etc., must choose explosion-proof series fans.

            Next, look at the height of noise requirements, you can choose a roof fan or environmentally friendly centrifugal fan, (and a roof fan is the wind start, more can save electricity?)

            Finally, the most conventional SF type of axial flow fan or FA type of exhaust fan can be selected according to the amount of air exchange required by the warehouse air.

            The kitchen exhaust

            First of all, for the kitchen with indoor straight exhaust smoke (i.e. the exhaust outlet is on the indoor wall), SF axial flow fan or FA exhaust fan can be selected according to the size of lampblack.

            Second, the lampblack is large, and the soot need through a long pipeline, and the pipe bending processing kitchen, strongly recommend the use of centrifugal fan (4-72 centrifugal fan is most general, 11-62 low noise environmental protection centrifugal fan is also very practical), it is because the centrifugal fan is pressure axial flow fan is big, and lampblack without motor, and maintenance of the motor to change more easily.

            Finally, the kitchen that suggests lampblack is strong chooses above two kinds of plan to use, the effect is better.

            Ventilation in high grade places

            For hotels, tea shops, coffee bars, chess and card rooms, karaoke halls and other high-end ventilation, it is not appropriate to use conventional fan.

            First of all, for the ventilation of small chamber, the room where the ventilation duct is connected with the central ventilation duct can be selected on the basis of both appearance and noise. FZY series small axial flow fan is selected with small volume, plastic or aluminum appearance, and low noise and high air volume coexist.

            Secondly, the air volume and noise requirements more stringent Angle said, fan box is the best choice. The box body is equipped with silencing cotton, and the central ventilation duct can be connected externally to achieve a significant effect of noise reduction.

            Finally, I would like to add that for the indoor hair dryer of the gym, be sure to choose THE FS industrial electric fan with large air volume, rather than FS post axial flow fan. This is for appearance and security reasons.


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